Atlas Obscura - Finding local treasures!

Have you every wondered where you could travel but avoid all the popular tourist traps? Look no further! Atlas Obscura contains some of the best local favorite destinations that tourists do not know about. Ranging from local museums, to local parks, trails, and restaurants. During my travels I frequently shy away from crowds and want to experience true local culture. That is why I prefer to stay at Airbnb homes, and also explore places that typical tourists don't venture. With Atlas Obscura, I am able to find interesting sights that I may not otherwise know about.

Places Database

Atlas Obscura contains 20,460 places at this moment across 196 Countries and 1,926 Cities. And the number of places is still growing. The site also allows users to add their own places to share with others. This way the number of places keeps on growing, and there are plenty of items to learn about and visit. The website features an interactive map that shows all places in one view, which looks like this:

Atlas Obscura Places Map


You may also find many itineraries on Atlas Obscura. These are itineraries that were put together by others so that you may try a trip consisting of various interesting places close to eachother. I have found these to be very useful while doing roadtrips in Europe. Using such an itinerary you can focus on one area at a time, and visit several places off the beaten path.

Nearby Places

Using your location, Atlas Obscura can show you nearby places from it's database. This is very useful if you are already at your destination, or simply if you are bored at home. Everytime I use this, I find places I had no idea they existed. This is a great way to explore areas with minimal planning!

Random Places

Using the Random Place feature, you can learn about Random interesting places in the world. This could prompt you to want to visit places you have never heard of, or been before!

In summary, if you like to travel, find interesting places, and avoid crowds, Atlas Obscura is an excellent resource! You can of course check on Crowd Alerts whether any place is crowded or not.

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