4 Ways to Stay Safe in Crowds

As humans, we’re naturally social beings who need interaction to thrive, but there are times when that interaction stops us from actually enjoying ourselves. 

Such is the case of attending a  certain event or place that can get crowded, whether it be a concert, a museum in high season, or just doing some last-minute Christmas shopping. Navigating your way through a crowd can be hard and oftentimes reduce the quality of your experience. 

Here are some tips from the Crowd Alerts team to keep in mind whenever you’re about to submerge in the crowds:

1. Move around the edges of the crowd

As you arrive at your destination, try walking on the outer parts of the crowd. This will allow you to move more easily and navigate your way through the venue or space. Also, it is important to remember that it’s better if you don’t follow the flow of the crowd, as sometimes it isn’t headed where you want to go. Keep your goal in mind and move towards it.

2. Be aware of emergency exits 

The American Red Cross in the North Texas Region recommends making sure that there are at least two ways out of where you are so that in case of emergency you’re able to take quick action and move towards safety. If you can, only move around a certain distance away from one of those exits.

3. Keep your personal items with you. 

It is known that crowded places have the perfect conditions for pickpocketing, so try not to wear jewelry, watches, or anything valuable. Keep all personal belongings close to you at a place where only you can access them. This means you should avoid carrying backpacks or purses that make it easier for someone to get their hands on it without you noticing. 

4. Be safe!

If you’re going on your own, let any family members or friends know where you’ll be and at what time will you be coming back. If you’re going with a group, agree on a meeting place and time in case you separate. Remember cellphone lines can get easily saturated in crowded places, so this is the best way to get together with your group.

It’s important to note that you should always stay alert and read your surroundings. Crowds are pretty much like herds, and herds can stampede. If you see people are starting to panic or feel as there’s tension growing, get out of it as soon as possible. 

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