What is Crowd Alerts?

Do you like crowds? Or do you prefer to travel off the beaten path? Be proactive and know when is the most convenient time to travel without having to bump into uncomfortable situations, such as encountering too many people in one place.

How do you know how crowded it is at a particular location? That's where Crowd Alerts comes in. Crowd Alerts is an app through which you can find out how crowded a place is BEFORE you head out.

With Crowd Alerts, you can know how busy the place you need to go to is and plan accordingly. Crowd Alerts provides you with real-time information on how busy an establishment is at any given moment. Crowd Alerts can also provide suggestions for similar places nearby.

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Avoid crowds
Know exactly how crowded a venue is before going
Track where the crowds are in real time
See the latest data thanks to our API and real user input
Travel off the beaten path
Make the most of your vacation by visiting quiet places without other tourists.

How Crowd Alerts Works

Step 1

Once you open the app you’ll get a comprehensive map of the venues near you and the crowd levels

Step 2

You can see a list of all the venues near you

Step 3

Search for the venue or address you want to visit

Step 4

You’ll get the results for that venue as well as the information for other venues in the area

Step 5

You can also see suggestions for similar venues with less crowds

Step 6

Once you arrive to the venue you can send your input on crowd level to help us improve the estimate

What Our Users Are Saying About Crowd Alerts

“Going grocery shopping these days can be a bit much right now. Luckily, I now can use CrowdAlerts to know if now is a good time to run that errand or not.”

Kristen Taylor
San Francisco, California, United States

“I love to travel, but I don't like tourist traps. The less time I can spend at these crowded places, the better. I use CrowdAlerts to plan which spots to visit and when.”

Maricela Rodriguez
Dallas, Texas, United States

“I love clear aisles and fast checkouts and that is basically why I use this app. The shorter I can make these grocery trips, the better.”

Jonathan Lee
London, UK

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